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Hilton Head House Hunting Trips

Before you arrive, you’ll want to go over your itinerary with your real estate agent so that your time is well spent. You should have a list of homes that you want to target during your visit. By the time you arrive, your agent may have some additional listings to show you that may have just come on the market.

To make your house hunting as productive as possible, here are some things you should do:

Create a Checklist. As you tour multiple homes in Hilton Head Island or homes in Bluffton, it can get very confusing what you saw where. Rather than relying on memory, create a checklist and keep track of features in each home. Bring along a digital camera so you can jog your memory about the houses you visited. This will help you match the checklist up with the different homes in Hilton Head you visited.

Wear Comfortable Clothes. If you’re not used to the Hilton Head Island weather, ask your agent what clothes you should wear. In the heat of summer, even light cotton pants can feel pretty hot. Wear comfortable shoes, too, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking as you tour homes and the surrounding grounds.

Get Some Rest. Looking for a house in Hilton Head Island is serious work. It may seem like fun at the start, but by the time you’ve seen your 10th or 20th house you’re going to feel it. If the kids are coming along, make sure they are well rested too. It will make the visits much more enjoyable and productive.

Be Prepared to Make an Offer. You’re looking for a house in Hilton Head for a reason – to make an offer. Be ready to make one if you find the perfect home. You should be pre-qualified for your loan before you ever step into a home for sale and you should know what is in an offer sheet and purchase agreement before you go shopping for a home in Hilton Head Island.

Relax a Bit. Purchasing a home in Hilton Head Island is a big step. But there’s no reason to go insane or get stressed. While you’re here in Hilton Head Island hunting for a home, build in some time to get some relaxation, familiarize yourself with the community and get some “me” time so you have a clear, unstressed mind as you look for a home in Hilton Head or Bluffton.

Taking a Hilton Head House Hunting Vacation

A house-hunting trip to Hilton Head Island doesn’t have to be all work and no play. While you’re here, plan to spend a few extra days so you can also see the island and experience what it’s like to live here.

This is important. If you visited Hilton Head Island on a vacation, you want to see the area through a resident’s eyes. There isn’t a huge difference, mind you. Hilton Head Island is still paradise whether you’re here for a couple days, months or years. But enough that you should make the effort to live like a local during your vacation.

Find a Starbucks. Any coffee shop will do, really. Then find the hospital, the supermarkets, restaurants, schools, etc. Take a driving tour of Hilton Head Island and see what it’s like to move around the island like a resident would. Go from the supermarket to the school or from home to the mall. Run faux errands so you can get used to the island, the routes and the roads that lead you around Hilton Head Island.

Talk to the Locals. No one knows Hilton Head Island like the residents do. While you’re on vacation be sure to talk to the locals and find out what island life is like off-season. Ask about local politics, activities and events. Ask them what their favorite time of year is on Hilton Head Island or their favorite restaurant or bar. This will help you get a sense of what the pace of life is here on Hilton Head Island and how it fits you.

Participate In Some Recreation. If you like to go kayaking or biking or participate in any other sport or activity, try it out while you’re on vacation. Go boating, go for a ride, play some hoops in the park – whatever you like to do. It will give you a good idea of what your daily routine will be on Hilton Head Island, as you get involved in the local community events and activities.


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