Information Required for your Hilton Head Home Loan Application


If you are applying for a home loan for your Hilton Head home, you’ll need to put together a packet of information that includes the following. This will help you reduce the time necessary to process your Hilton Head Island loan application and expedite the review and approval process.


1.      Copy of Social Security cards

2.      Date of birth for each applicant

3.      Email address

4.      Phone number

5.      Current address

6.      Previous address if you’ve lived in your current residence for less than two years

7.      Name and address of your employer

8.      Name and address of your previous employer if you’ve been at your current job for less than two years

9.      Gross income, including any income derived from secondary income sources, such as alimony, child support, etc., unless you don’t these factored in

10.  Assets, including the value of your bank, investment, retirement and other accounts

11.  Current expenses, including housing costs, credit card and loan payments, child support and other obligations

12.  Current obligations

13.  Current market value of your primary residence if you own it


If you’ve already made an offer on a home, you will also want to have:


1.      Estimated down payment

2.      Year the Hilton Head Island home you’re purchasing was built

3.      Estimated purchase price of your Hilton Head home

4.      The address of the Hilton Head, South Carolina home you’re purchasing

5.      Estimated annual property tax, hazard insurance and homeowner association dues, if applicable


If you are self-employed you may also be asked to provide tax returns for the last two years along with a CPA audited Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet for the year to date.

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